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Four Ways to Feed Older or Sick Pets

By Sandra Lewis It can be hard to feed older or sick pets. Very often, age-related issues or battling chronic or terminal illness makes food less interesting to them, just as it does to some people! But our pets need to continue eating while they are ill or have a chronic condition. You know your […]

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If You’re Old Enough to Love, You’re Old Enough to Grieve: Children and Pet Loss

For children, the loss of their pet is often their first experience with death. If we handle this loss with honesty and understanding, we can help to prepare them to cope with future losses in a healthy way. Children are amazing, intelligent, inquisitive, sensitive little people. They actually know how to grieve better than we do. They are not ashamed of their feelings; they mourn openly, cry freely, and make great use of rituals. They don’t think it’s silly to have a funeral for a rabbit. They don’t live in the death denying society that we do. We could learn a lot from them.

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Coping with the loss of a beloved pet.

For many of us pet parent’s, the bond they have with their companion animal can be a beautiful relationship of unconditional love and loyalty. And as we know, there are many reasons we bring animals into our lives: to provide companionship when we are lonely, to nurture a pet who has been abandoned or neglected, or even to save a life that’s about to be ended through no fault of the pet.

The attachment that forms between pet parent’s and their pets is often so profound that we are shaken to the core by all the feelings that will inevitably arise when they are no longer with us. Questions will arise from within yourself and others such as “Are these feelings of grief normal or common? Who can I turn to share my thoughts and feelings? How can I cope with these overwhelming emotions?

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