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Pet Caregiver Services

We offer a range of pet caregiver services you may need as you cope with the loss of a beloved pet or while caring for an aging or sick pet.

Pet caregiver services can help families cope with pet loss.

Pet Grief Support Services:


  • Monthly support circles. Day by Day offers monthly meetings at specialty veterinary hospitals where you can share your thoughts, feelings, struggles and ask questions in a safe, secure, and non-judgmental environment.

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Licensed professional counseling. Day by Day can refer you to licensed professional counselors who can provide individual support as you sort out your feelings and make difficult pet health decisions. Our counselors understand your situation; many have had the same experiences themselves. Counselors are here to assist you via phone consultation or in in-person face-to-face sessions. (Fees may apply)

  • Dedicated telephone hotline. Our support hotline is managed by an experienced Day By Day team member for pet caregivers in distress before an impending loss, during the decision-making process, and after loss. We are here for you. Call us today.
Pet Caregiver Hotline 484-453-8210

Call our pet caregiver hotline today!

  • Weekly telephone check-in service. Sometimes, it’s difficult to pick up the phone. But support is so important to pet caregivers. Call us to ask for a Day by Day team member to call you each week to check on you and your pet.
  • Online support group. Join our online group where you can interact with other pet caregivers going through similar situations with their pets. This group is an exclusive online forum for Day By Day members.
  • Pet Loss and Grief Workshops. Losing a pet is a heartbreaking experience no matter what the circumstances. Whether there was prolonged illness or a sudden tragedy, make sure you have support from people who understand your grief as you say goodbye to a pet.




Order your free copy of a Pet Caregiver Diary

The Pet Caregiver Diary is available free of charge.

Pet Caregiving Resources


We offer tools to help you learn more about pet caregiving.

  • The Pet Caregiver Diary tracks your pet’s health and medical history, and includes resources such as important questions to ask veterinarians and how to discuss your pet’s health with children. Contact us to ask for your free copy.
  • Do you need help caring for your pet? Our Day By Day network of providers and resources can give you the kind of assistance you need, from mobile groomers to pet sitters who will dispense medication. Ask us about the resource you need.
  • You can also create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet by creating a Pet Memorial page that chronicles the life and journey you took together and where friends and family can post on your personal Guest Book their words of comfort and sympathy.

Resources for Veterinary Staff


We can arrange one or two-hour Lunch & Learn sessions or after-hours meetings specifically for veterinary staff on these topics:

  • Companioning Grieving Clients
  • Compassion Fatigue & the Veterinary Professional
  • Animal Hospice — End-of-Life Considerations
  • Pet Parent Workshops
    • Anticipatory Grief — The Emotions of Euthanasia
    • Pet Loss & Grief — A Guide to Life-After-Loss
    • Animal Hospice & Palliative Care — Preparing for End-of-Life
    • Children and Pets in Grief
    • Comfort and Grieving RoomsConsultations available to help your practice set up a new comfort/grieving room or enhance your current room. Suggestions can be made on:
      • How to arrange the room for maximum comfort for the client and pet
      • What supplies to make available in the room
      • Setting the mood for the room