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In Remembrance…

Bailey (Mr. Bailey) Stonger


Bailey (Mr. Bailey) Stonger


In Loving Memory

Bailey was my forever dog. In January 2002, I told my friend Bill that if I was to have another dog, he would have to find me. Four short days later, he was in a veterinary office when a woman brought in a sad, smelly, matted creature wrapped in a blanket. He had been found in the road near the dump during a freezing rain storm. He was matted beyond recognition, was filled with worms, and had a big gash in his head. My friend called to let me know that my new dog had found me! How right he was!
Bailey (also called Mr. Bailey, B, Mr. B, Boo Boo, Boo Boo Bear, and Mr. Magoo among other names) was a bundle of joy and brought unending fun and laughter into my life. He was not house trained and could not make it a whole work day, so learned to use a box like a cat. He survived many challenges include lung lobe torsion and removal of a lung lobe, attack by my neighbor’s dog, serious negative reaction to a flea and tick product, seizures, and pulmonary hypertension.
He was pure love and truly a gift from God. Bailey followed me everywhere and never had a bad day. Each homecoming was a party for my little boy. Even if I was only away for five minutes, the party began when I returned. Bailey and my other dog Abby learned to jump through a hula hoop and entertained anyone who came by. It was like our own little circus routine. Bailey was an eager eater and had a habit of circling (always in a clockwise direction).
He was on four different medications until the final three months of his life when he determined he wanted no more. On August 15, 2015, I made the toughest decision of my life to help my best friend to transition to eternal life. Bailey’s veterinarian loved him as much as we all did and cried openly during the euthanasia. I believe that he has been fully restored and runs happy and free. I feel him with me in my heart and long for the day that we will be reunited. I am very grateful to Kathryn and all who have supported me during these challenging days.
I love you, Bailey, with all my heart. Be a good little boy as I know you will, until we meet again.

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