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In Remembrance…

Hallie Boo Jennings

Hallie Boo Jennings

Hallie Boo Jennings


Our Precious Haboo

Hallie Boo Jennings was a 9 year old miniature schnauzer who battled two forms of cancer, Mesothelioma and recently she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Mammary Carsinoma. Hallie bravely went through 13 months of chemotherapy until we could no longer manage her pain. Thankfully throughout her battle, Hallie maintained a continued excellent quality of life. She loved to bark at everything that came across her path just so she could assert her authority. Her desire to please and be adored was evident by how much she loved her humans. A true teacher in every sense of the word, she was constantly reminding us of the priorities of life. Hallie loved her long walks in the park on our long leash and cuddling up on the back of couch while we, her pet parents, settled in for an evening of television watching.

She, along with her sister Pookie, taught us how much Day By Day was needed in the pet care giving community. We most certainly walked paw in hand with our little “Haboo.” She brought laughter and hope to our days when we couldn’t see the light at the end of these difficult pet care giving journeys. The hardest thing we’ve ever had to do was to give her care over to God but we bravely did just that. Hallie is now in God’s care. Till we are reunited again, “all our love Haboo.”

-The Jennings Family

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