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In Remembrance…

Zeus Muscillo

Zeus's last pic

Zeus Muscillo

In Loving Memory

Dear friends, on the eve of my decision to put my beloved companion, Zeus, to rest, I am compelled to write this brief tribute about my closest of confidants.

We have 13 precious hours left to spend together so I want to pay homage to this wonderful friend with whom I have been privileged to share 5,296 days of my life by his side, and he, mine. (Sometimes I wonder how he put up with me and he undoubtedly deserves a Medal of Honor for valor!)

Together we have indeed had an incredible journey, literally traveling across the country when we were both much younger.

Now that he has reached old age and rests here by my side, I think of all the lives he has touched —— from the children who learned obedience training and how to respond to a large breed dog, to all the seniors in nursing homes we use to love to visit.

Even recently when I visited some old friends in a rest home they asked about Zeus. He had made a big impression on them.

Zeus’s influence was not limited just to humans, however. He has helped hundreds of imbalanced and abused dogs over the years regain their special place in the world.

In these final precious hours we have left together, I feel an overwhelming gratitude for the privilege of having had him for so long.

I could not ask for a better alignment of how I desired his passing to unfold. Two days ago I sensed him very clearly tell me, “I can’t go on much longer, mom,” so I began to make plans to honor his request and let him go.

Arrangements have been made with our cherished Vet, Dr. Tami, who is coming here in the morning (Friday 13th). I feel a great peace with it all — even the trip to Knoxville Tennessee and the School of Veterinary Medicine where the autopsy will be preformed. This last step will fulfill our commitment to science . Over the past year Dr. Waters and his team have earned this level of trust with me, and I’m certain my Zeus will be in excellent hands.

I will not be alone in this travel as my dear friend, Cheryl, will be accompanying me. We are partners in grief and celebration since hours ago one of her best 4 legged friends passed away in her arms.

My last tribute is to thank my grandmother, Olga Riggerio, for working her magic and cosmically compelling me to search through some random newspaper 5,296 days ago where an ad for Rotti puppies appeared.

Zeus “just so happened” to be born on the day/anniversary of her passing and it was this compelling incident that drove me to Marble, North Carolina to pick out the cutest Rottweiler puppy in the entire world.

-Lisa Muscillo

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