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“After going through several caretaking and losses of my furry family members, I find myself again in the same situation with two of my felines having terminal illnesses.

I received a Day by Day pamphlet in the mail and then went to one of their support group meetings. I was warmly greeted by Kathryn, the founder, and my experience of the meeting is that it is a safe comfortable, compassionate space to share my daily caretaking ups and downs with no judgement.

I continue to attend the meetings and have gained strength & courage from the other people who gather, share, and walk the same path.”

-Meg Durkan


“First I want to thank you & your organization for the help you give to pet parents during their sad times. You really helped me figure out how I’d know when I had to let go of Lexy. The thing that made the biggest impression upon me was you saying that it was cancer that was killing my dog, not me.

I’m sad to say that on October 30, 2013, our beautiful Portugese Water Dog Lexy, with the aid of her lifelong vet, passed away peacefully at home. Lexy left us one week shy of her 14th birthday. She led a happy & good life & is sorely missed.

I’m sure you hear people say that they imagine their pet still in the home. I’m no different. It’ll probably take a change of address to change some of that.”

-Cheryl Marks

“I’m a pet parent of three cats – Oscar , Oliver, and Owyn. While going back and forth to Hope Veterinary Specialists with Oscar, I noticed a sign for Day by Day Pet Caregiver Support. It took some time for me to make the call as I thought why do I need to attend a session for chronically ill pets? But I’m so glad I did.

As a parent of a chronically ill pet, I am constantly working out schedules between my husband and pet sitters when I can’t be available to give Oscar his medicine. I have been torn at times with guilt for going away not knowing what can happen to him. I just always worry.

With Day by Day, I enjoy going to the support groups as it provides me with a sense of calm, hope, and reassurance to enjoy the moments with my little furry guys instead of worrying constantly, jumping over every low glucose reading, and calling my amazing vet team.

The thing I realize most through Day by Day is that we did not choose our pets, but they chose us. Not knowing that Oscar would get sick in the short years from when I adopted him, I know I was chosen to take great care of him and have him live a healthy, happy life…with me.”

-Melissa Heinlein Storti

If you have a Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support testimonial that you would like to share, please send it to daybydaypetsupport@comcast.net. Thank you!